Hello beautiful creatures. My name is B. As it is written below, yes this is still the ramblings of a borderline but now, I am going to venture into the world of blogging. As an Adoptee, a Borderline, someone who has PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and anxiety. I am not exactly sure how to blog, so this is going to be a journey for me. Especially in trying to keep up with it. I hope to share my life experiences with you, tell you about how I view the world, and hopefully through this learn to become an advocate for adoption rights and mental health rights. If anyone stumbles across this blog and wants to hear about something specific, don’t be afraid to ask, I will do my best to try to touch on whatever it may be.

These are still the words, thoughts, ramblings of a dreamer, a lover, a believer in fairytales. The art and creativity of a hopeless romantic, a lost soul, a wanderer, a black sheep, if you will. These, are the very deep and very personal musings of a borderline.