It never seems to just happen once It can’t ever be just one thing 

Not in pairs, not even in threes 

But it seems as if it all comes at once



All around you 

A chain reaction 

One bad thing

Something goes wrong 

Then out of nowhere 

Your whole life 



All around 

Falling apart 

Crashing and burning 

It never just happens once…
-B. 8-25-17


I always dreamed of being free I don’t know exactly what that means yet

I’d like to think it looks something like that scene from the Virgin Suicides 

The one towards the end 

The dream sequence 

Imagine, if you can 

Just being with the ones you love, who care about you… someone or a few amazing souls 

You’re in a spacious comfortable car 

Windows down 

Cool summer air 

Your hair flowing in the wind

Your arm hanging out the window to feel the air 

And there’s the best kind of music playing 

The kind that just makes you happy to be where you are 

The best part is, it’s just the open road, no one else is on it

With a full tank of gas

Going nowhere and everywhere

All at once 

And in that moment you realize that maybe you aren’t happy but you’re okay 

And that is so much better because you are okay, you are finally okay… 

that to me, maybe, just maybe is what freedom tastes like, feels like

A fleeting moment

A moment so powerful that it rips into your soul and frees you for the rest of your time… 
-B. 8-24-17


I only knew you for a short while It seemed like forever 

I never got to meet you 

But you were my heart 

I never knew how much I could love something so small 

Until you

We watched the April storms together 

Listened to that one hit wonder on repeat 

You were my birthday surprise 

My greatest love 

My greatest joy 

My greatest creation 

But they stole you from me 

My heart will never mend 

Will never grow

A piece of me left, when you did 

My little Henry 

I love you


Your mommy always and forever 

Until we meet in the places where fairies dance…
-B. 8-23-17

Morning light 

I’m not a morning person But the rare chance, to see the first morning light…
I dream of dancing in it 

Basking in its effervescent glow
A place where fairies and magical creatures dance and play 
The way the angel rays gently caress the surfaces of my room 

How the light bends, twists, dances with such grace 
Giving life to a new day 

Slowly, fading 

Back to the land of magical beings and beautiful things 

To be discovered, once more

If you’re lucky enough…
-B. 8-23-17

Crash course in crazy

I probably should have warned you this wouldn’t be easy I wish you didn’t have to see all of this 

Murphy’s law, my life, at work 

But somehow 

By some miracle 

Some act of divine faith…

You are still here 

You are still in this 

All of this

All of this, with me 

I can’t tell you it’s going to get easier 

I can only tell you… that if you stay, i will be the one to blow up the world for you 

So, I guess, welcome to your crash course in crazy 

Enjoy the ride… 
-B. 8-23-17

Letting go…

I was born into darkness Raised by abuse 

You were my only parent 

Well the only one who stayed 

You twisted everything 

Made me believe you were doing your best

Doing everything from love…

Maybe in someway you were 

But, but this sick, twisted, all encompassing, symbiosis 

This thing we have… 

It consumes me… 

it’s worse than just an umbilical cord 

Because I never came from you… 

I was only yours on paper 

So I put you on a pedestal

Where those vines grew… 

Twisting, winding, pulling me in

Pulling me in so close, I gasp for air

But it’s time

It’s time now 

I need to breath, breath my own air 

I need to become my own being 

I cut the vines 

And I let go… 

I let go, for the very last time… 
-B. 8-22-17

The lost…

I think the ones who are brokenThe lost 

The damaged 

The ones who have walked through hell, unsinged 

Those are the ones who have the most to give 

Those are the ones that see the beauty where most don’t 

The ones that feel so intensely and so deeply that it consumes them whole 

The ones who will stay with you 

The ones who won’t give up on you 

They know what darkness is

They know what pain is 

They have survived 

And in that, they are the rarest of beings 

The ones you should hold onto 

Because they will shine brighter than the sun 

They will blow up you’re entire world 

They will show you endless beauty and wonder 

If you’d only stay… just for a while, to see… 
-B. 8-19-17