Summer air… 

The summer air, brought this sort of electricity when it cameA buzzing in the atmosphere 

She could feel that something big was going to happen 

Something amazing was on the edge 

She could almost taste it, feel it

All her senses heightened from it 

This buzzing, the electricity of the summer nights…

It sparked a fire inside her

It roared with wonder, excitement, adventure 

She chased those nights

She dreamed of the buzzing, of what it could be

what this wonderful thing, life had waiting for her

But life has a funny way of behaving

She grew impatient and her flame grew dim 

Certainly this was not the summer she dreamed of, she felt 

Too many bad things were happening 

But that buzzing, that electricity, it was still there… 

And once again, her fire grew…
-B. 8-16-17

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