In a sense, people, the ones you talk to about your day, your hopes, dreams, your secrets, your past, your entire life…The people you let into your world 

The ones you let see every nook and cranny 

Those people, those rare, amazing people… 

they are like journals, in a way. 

The ones you talk to, to figure things out… but really you are having a conversation with yourself 

They don’t judge nor look at you funny 

They just listen because you are the story that fascinates them 

You are the story that they will remember 

And one day, when you are gone, the words you spoke to them, will resonate, deep in their hearts, in their souls… because they are the unwritten journals you chose to trust in

They will be the ones who write your biography

They will keep you alive… 
-B. 8-19-17

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