Rocky start.

I’m not the brightest star in the sky You’ve seen my demons faces more often than I’d like 

You’ve stayed up with me, checked up on me, when my darkness tries to consume me 

You’ve heard my story, my past, my battles, my journeys through hell 
When you look at me, you don’t see any of that 

In your sky, I’m not a dim lit star 

You look at me, listen to me and you understand 

I know you do because you know my darkness

And I, I don’t see you as a dim star

In my sky, you are the brightest star 
Our beginning, a rocky start 

But it’s our beginning 

You told me, “you want this.” 

After all you’ve seen 

So maybe we aren’t the brightest stars 

But in each other’s sky, we are… 

We fit… 

remember, you said? 

“Puzzle pieces.” 

Maybe, ones made of stars…
-B. 8-16-17

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