Why does it seem to always hit in the evenings? Taunting me until I numb myself to sleep. 

I used to be a social butterfly, you know? Nowadays, everyone seems to have their own lives, 

left behind the old… 

left behind me. 

I don’t blame them. 

I have my own life, My own future

but the nighttime is when it hurts. 

When it gets quiet 

and I don’t mean during the middle of the night 

because those are the best hours to be alone 

but at the end of the day. 

Those are the worst. 

Everything, winding down. 

So much buzzing through your mind 

and no one to share it with. 

Those are the moments when you need someone the most. 

Even if just one soul reached out, 

into my darkness….
-B. Summer 2017

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