Too much noise…

Sometimes, you need to shut out the noise of this world, this life. You need to

the noise coming at you from everything in your life…it serves you no good. 

If you, don’t shut it out once in a while, you’ll miss the beauty of things, the little things. 

Like, the cracks in a sidewalk where a blade of grass will pop up and grow because nature decided to fight back. 

The grooves and cracks in the bark of trees; where there are thousands of little secrets waiting for you. 

The dew drops that grow on the tips of the blades of grass, on a cool misty autumn morning. 

The way the air smells, when you breathe it into your lungs after a summer shower. The way the sunset turns purple when the seasons turn colder.

These are the things we miss because of all the noise.
-B. Summer 2017

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