Letting go…

I was born into darkness Raised by abuse 

You were my only parent 

Well the only one who stayed 

You twisted everything 

Made me believe you were doing your best

Doing everything from love…

Maybe in someway you were 

But, but this sick, twisted, all encompassing, symbiosis 

This thing we have… 

It consumes me… 

it’s worse than just an umbilical cord 

Because I never came from you… 

I was only yours on paper 

So I put you on a pedestal

Where those vines grew… 

Twisting, winding, pulling me in

Pulling me in so close, I gasp for air

But it’s time

It’s time now 

I need to breath, breath my own air 

I need to become my own being 

I cut the vines 

And I let go… 

I let go, for the very last time… 
-B. 8-22-17

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