I always dreamed of being free I don’t know exactly what that means yet

I’d like to think it looks something like that scene from the Virgin Suicides 

The one towards the end 

The dream sequence 

Imagine, if you can 

Just being with the ones you love, who care about you… someone or a few amazing souls 

You’re in a spacious comfortable car 

Windows down 

Cool summer air 

Your hair flowing in the wind

Your arm hanging out the window to feel the air 

And there’s the best kind of music playing 

The kind that just makes you happy to be where you are 

The best part is, it’s just the open road, no one else is on it

With a full tank of gas

Going nowhere and everywhere

All at once 

And in that moment you realize that maybe you aren’t happy but you’re okay 

And that is so much better because you are okay, you are finally okay… 

that to me, maybe, just maybe is what freedom tastes like, feels like

A fleeting moment

A moment so powerful that it rips into your soul and frees you for the rest of your time… 
-B. 8-24-17

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