They told me I’ve been coping wrong All these years, they have been telling me

Showing me how I should be coping 

“Healthy” coping 

“Normal” coping 

Telling me it would help me 

I would feel better 

Get better 

Everything will fall into place 
My coping

They told me it wasn’t “healthy” 

It wasn’t “normal” 

It was just a “quick fix” 

“It will only make you feel worse”

But it was my coping for a reason 
After years of pushing against them 

I tried their methods 

I’m still trying 

I keep trying because it doesn’t work 

I still feel like shit 

It hasn’t brought me peace 


Sense of worth 

None of those promises 

It’s all bullshit 

All of it 
My methods 

Although unconventional, work 

How do I know? 

Because they are my coping skills for a reason 

I learned to cope that way 

For a reason 

Now, I’m struggling 

Where are all of these things you promised? 

Because I’m barely coping… 


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