My curse…

It’s a curse A beautifully, tragic curse 

Seeded deep 

In your mind, heart, and soul 
A tornado 

Changing its course every second

A whipping gusts of winds

Pulling you in each direction 

A roller coaster 

Of ups and downs

Lefts and rights 

Picking out of a hat 

Never knowing what you’re going to get

Never know what, how, you’ll feel 

From moment to moment 

An ever changing beast 

The world 

Black and white


This way or that way 

No in between 

They “grey” 

Such an alien, foreign concept 

Such as the world 

Love and hate 

In their purest of forms 

Split between 

Rational and irrational 

Split between life 



Always there 

Swelling at the slightest of things 
The tongue of a snake 

Sharp and quick 

Always the last word

With the sting of a thousand hornets 

With not a single drop of mercy in sight 

The bridges will burn 

A sort of kryptonite

Avoid at all costs 

Leave them before they leave you 

Because everyone always leaves 

The core 

Of all of this 


This is my curse

My beautifully 


All consuming 

Never ending 



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