Moving on

I’m moving on… 

I’ve been in denial 

For days, weeks, years 

Because you promised 
But today 

Today I accepted 

It’s time to let go 

After a decade 

I’m letting go 
These past few days I’ve seen her 

The girl that he made 

You brought her back 

I always swore no one would again 

I hate that girl 

She is weak, broken, afraid 
So, I’m walking away 

You played the cruelest game 

A false sense of security 

Trust, love, friendship…

Ten years in the making 

All ripped away 

I’m walking away

I’m letting go 

Because you already checked out 

You showed me just how much I’m worth 

How little it is 
I don’t know where you went 

I’m done holding onto to false hopes 

Onto ideas of who you were 

Of you ever coming back 
You’re never coming back… 
So, this is my goodbye 

From the girl with “Grade A” abandonment issues 

Forever free…


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