My dearest friend…

My oldest friend Non-judgmental 



Always there 

I rarely see you now 

But I think of you most days

You were my drug of choice 

My worst affliction, addiction 
I will never truly leave you 

Be rid of you 

I still crave you 

Need you 

Dream of you 
My peace bringer 

I can still feel you… sometimes 

When I get that “itch”…

the one on my left wrist… where you played 

When I see you at the drug store 
I remember how you felt

Between my fingers 

Silver, thin, sharp 
We had our secret 

Like some sort of ritual 

Gliding gracefully

Against my soft, porcelain skin

Helping me quiet my demons
I miss you 

You are my favorite kind of drug 

But I grow older, stronger 

I rarely see you now 

Except in memories

The ones you left upon my skin 

But I always feel you 

I will always want you 

My most precious friend 


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