I was only 17 when we met The first time I laid eyes on you 

It was nothing like I’d imagined 

You were lanky and awkward 

But you had this air about you 
That night, was the first time I heard you play guitar and sing 

Then we watched, “Donnie Darko”, twice, just so we could stay together… to fool your parents 
That night, was the first night, I ever learned what Percocet, “sunshine” as I would end up calling it, was 

You had forgotten to get your methadone

So in front of your step sister and I, you took 8 of them

It was silly to me 

Mostly because when they kicked in, you started to “meow” 

You were so cute 
Days later, we were together 

In the barn, behind your house 

We snuck in, so your mom wouldn’t see 

And we made love… pure love… 

I had never moved that fast

We had only been together for 4 days 
I never minded the fact that you sold drugs or took them 

I was straight edge 

I knew nothing of that world 

All I did was smoke cigarettes and drink, sometimes 
We fell in love fast

You were amazing 

I was fucked up and horrible 

But you loved me 
You always loved me 

Long after 

And I loved you 

I still love you 

Even though you’re gone… 


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