One summer night When you couldn’t take my darkness anymore 

You gave me a sunshine 

For my very first time 
I was nervous 

But, I trusted you 

With my every being 

And within 30 minutes 

I understood 
We went for a night swim in your pool 

The trees, in silhouette

The summer air was warm 

The water was cool 
Every inch of my being 

Bursting with love and light 

My stomach, on the inside 

Felt like… a warm fuzzy peach

A feeling of pure happiness 
You put your hands underneath me

As I stretched out and floated 

Freely, safely 

Because you held me 


Taking it all in 

All the beauty 
Then we went up to your room 

You put on the song “porcelain” by Moby 

And I swore, I told you… it felt as if… 

as if, G-D was singing to me 

And I had never felt so much love before 
I spoke to you of alternate universes 

Of where I was with my birth mother 

And we laid in the dark 

Holding each other 
You were right 

You told me, you never feel as good as the first time 

That I would never get that back 
I’m glad I didn’t 

It was a still point in time 

My timeline 

Something I can remember 

Always remember, now that you’re gone 
Thank you, Bunny


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