It started with a flutterbye I hate flutterbyes 

But that’s how my mom knew 
I was only 7 

When they told me 

I cried, I pleaded 

I felt ashamed 

I thought I was broken 

But they said I had to take it 
The very next day I had my first taste 

She put it in vanilla icing 

That way I wouldn’t notice it 

I didn’t want it 

I thought only broken people took medication 
30 minutes passed by 

I looked up at her 

With a smile on my face 

“I can feel it, it’s working” 

Clear mind


For the very first time 

With a burst of energy 
I’m 28, now 

I need it now 

I want it now 

I can’t function without it now 
Im human 


Not broken 

With it 
My biggest struggle 

To keep 

To keep my taste for it 

My taste in check 
I’ve seen how far I can go

I never want to be there

I never want to go there 

Never again… 


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