Amy (part 1) 

I learned early on I found out 

I was not like them 

I did not come from her 

I came from you 
I was made fun of 

I was told I wasn’t like them 

I was different 
Every birthday I wished for you 

I longed to know you 

Where I came from 

Who I looked like in this world 
I dreamed of you 

Not like most 

I never dreamed you were someone amazing 

But I dreamed of you 

Having that connection 

Something I never felt 

That bond 

I never got to have 
I never felt right 

Never felt like I fit into this family 

I wasn’t like them 

I kept wishing for you 
I hated you 

I hated you for giving me up 

I hated you for life I had 

I hate you for all the horrible things that happened to me 

I hated you because I didn’t know who I was 
But I loved you 

I loved you because you were who I was

You were who I looked like 

You made me 

I came from you 

You were my only link to the beginning 

You were my mom 
And then…

At 3:00am, crying hysterically over everything that they did… all the violations… stolen innocence…

I found a profile, on a website 

It matched my information 

So I made a profile 

I waited… 

And a few days past 
I was in the school parking lot when I got a call from a Florida number 

I picked up 

They told me the profiles matched 

They told me that you would be calling me, that we sounded the same, that we both had AOL accounts 

I was in shock… 
A few days passed….

I was driving through the next town over 

I got a call, from a California number 

I picked up the phone… my heart pounding 

It was you. 

You said, “Hi, My name is Amy, I’m your birth mother. How are you?” 

And I said, like we had known each other for years, ” Hi! I’m good! How are you!?” 


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