Empty words…

And just like every other before you You whisper sweet nothings into me 

You tell me about my dreams 

You swear me the world 
Then you take it away 

As easily as you said them 

They are gone

Just words 

With empty meanings 


You are…

I need you to reach Reach deep into my darkness 

Take my hand in yours 

Grasp it tight 
Put your hand upon my cheek 

Wipe away my tears 

Hold me close 

And never let me go 
You are the light 

That reaches out to me 

When I am drowning in the darkness 
You take my pain 

You make it beautiful 

You take my fear 

You make it safe 

You see me alone 

You stand right by my side 
How could anything ever 

Come close to you 

How could you even exist 
My peace

My home 

My everything 

My beating heart 


Nasty habit…

I have this habit of thinking I owe people my life… I put them up high 

and I turn into this feeble thing. 

Like I can’t live without their love, validation or acceptance and approval.
I let them tear me down

break me, over and over 

because they love me 

in their sick and twisted way. 

Because they would never hurt me. 
I’m tired of letting the ones I love hurt me. 

I want to be free. 
I thought standing up to my father and he who must not be named was gaining my freedom 

but they were not nearly the monsters… 

the real ones were hiding in plain sight… eating away at me… 

feeding me poison 

and calling it love…



You run deep in my veins Flowing through me 

With every beat of my heart 
I want you 

With every molecule of my being 

I feel you 

with ever atom of my soul 
You are 

the kerosene that ignites my fire

The Wild fire 
Everything that could have and ever will 

You are what I’ve always needed and will need 
The moon, the sun, the ocean 

The air in my lungs 

You are…

You are…




My home. 



Promises… Are my undoing 

Always made 

Always broken 

Always hopeful 

Always torn 
There is only one promise 

One promise

I wish to believe 

I wish would stay 
One promise 

You speak 

And I will listen 

I will fall 
Just one promise 

Three words 
Always and forever

and in that promise 

I’m yours…



I’ve been trying to runaway since I could remember I would pack a suitcase full of underwear and crackers 

Because that’s all you really need right? 

That’s what I thought when I was a little girl 

I would take that suitcase and walk out of my house with a sense of purpose 

I would only make it to the end of our driveway 

But I made it that far right 
When I was a teenager 

I would pack a bag 

A bag full of underwear, clothes

This time no crackers 

I made it to the middle of my street 

Then my father found me 
Since then I’ve been complacent 


Loyal to my family, now that everything has fallen apart 

But I dream of running away, the same dream I’ve had since I was a little girl 

But now my dream has evolved 
I dream of leaving, running away 

To a small town 

Where no one knows me 

Becoming a small town waitress 

Start a life with someone 

Start a family 

Live a simple, happy life 
Forget the past 

Forget this life 

Forget the trauma 

Forget the abuse 

And live

Let myself have a chance 

For once…