I did not ask… 

Why should I be Sorry 

Sorry for who I am 

Sorry for everything my life has made me 

I did not ask for this 

Do you think 

In my right mind 

I wake up 

And tell myself 

Today, I want to suffer 

I want to have extreme moods 

Every 60 seconds

I want anger, that is unfounded 

I want to be afraid 

Of people leaving 

Of things that don’t make sense 

That I woke up 

As a child 

As a teen, in love for the first time 

As a 28 year old, meeting someone new 

And wanted them to rip away my dignity 

Rip away every piece of me 

Leave me with nothing but vile memories 

And pieces of me, shattered 
I did not 

Wake up 

And ask for any of it 

I did not 

Ask for this 

Hear me 

When I tell you 

This is my truth 

This is who I am 
Not all of me 

Because there is 

So much more 





A world in this soul 

You could not even begin to fathom 

Because of what I did not ask for 
So no, 

I did not ask for this 


This is part of me, now 
This is me, B. 

Take me or leave me. 

I’m done hiding… 


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