Manipulative attention seeker 

Manipulating attention seeker Is that what you see? 

Is that what you think I am? 

Is that what I am doing? 

Are those my intentions? 
Society has deemed me, us

Borderlines, these cruel words

When they are unwilling to understand 

What is really going on
I can only speak for myself 

I’m sure, they will agree 

When I say 

Society has it wrong 
They see behaviors 

They do not understand 

And label them

They do not come from a 

Malicious place 
Let me explain 

Though it may look 

A certain way, to you

Imagine your worst day 

Now take that day

And imagine it under a magnifying glass 

And having to live that moment and day

Over and over 

Every day, every second 
These behaviors 

Society sees 


Are a way of trying to 

Relieve distress 

Because being in distress 

Day in and day out 


Is hell 
Now if you had to 

Relive that day, moment 

Be in distress 

Like that, constantly 

Tell me

What would you do? 


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