Impulsive wildfire 

Yesterday, I was really down, so naturally, being impulsive… I decided I could not wait for my boyfriend to take me to the salon to get my hair done. I went to Sally’s beauty, picked out hair dye, got home and dyed it.

But this isn’t your average hair dyeing story, no. You see, I recently, at the age of 28, finally left my toxic, abusive mothers rule over me. I was never allowed to dye my hair any color but a natural color. So, this was different.

A few weeks ago, I had tried to dye my hair pink but it came out orange. So, with determination in my heart, I set out to Sally’s, and got the color that would be most vibrant over orange.

I chose, wildfire. I got home, and I set out on my mission. 1 hour later, I washed it out. Which took, what seemed forever. Although it was wet, the color seemed to be vibrant but I would not know until it was dry. So, the wait. I naturally dry my hair. After a few hours my hair was dry and I am happy to say, I have ruby red hair.

So, the point of this story. This not your average hair dyeing story is that this is a symbol of freedom. I wear this color, this hair with pride. With the bravery I had to finally leave one of the hardest relationships I think anyone has trouble leaving, your own family.

For anyone having trouble leaving a toxic relationship, know that it is possible. That you can survive it. That the world will not fall apart. That life will go on. That when you do, you will be amazed at how strong you find out you really are. I was. I am. It’s okay.


This is me by the way. Hello!

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