The truth about music.


A saving grace, for the hopeless, the lost, the hurt, the fallen, the broken… a gleam of hope in the darkness.

So, I thought, all these years.

Then tonight, while listening to ‘We fight’ by Dashboard Confessional, it hit me. Like a lightbulb went off, kinda like those cartoons.

That feeling you get, that feeling when you hear a song, the best way I can put it is with a quote I once heard… “the good thing about music, is once it hits you, you feel no pain…”

that feeling, when it hits you, when you feel that glimmer of hope again. When the pain goes away, the terrible realities of the world slip away and all you’re left with is blissful melodies of a brighter future… that feeling that music gives you…

I realized, tonight, that it’s a mirage. It’s a fantasy world dancing on the tongues of the lead singer into your head from your headphones, speakers, wherever you are hearing these magical melodies.

Like sirens, they are there to lull us, twist us, create beautiful worlds in our pretty little minds. If just for a few minutes, to take the pain away.

The sense of security, hope, anything that these words, lines, make you feel are an aberration of what is really there.

In no way am I saying this is wrong. In fact I think it’s amazing. How music, just the words of just some stranger, someone who you know nothing about, can sing exactly what is in your heart or exactly what you needed to hear.

How so interconnected we are as beings but how truly alone we can feel.

How music, transcends all languages to not only touch the mind and heart but our aching souls. To create an inner dialogue and purpose in all those that needed one.

How beautifully and gracefully we can communicate across the world. How one song, one lyric can pierce the coldest hearts and warm them, bringing them to their knees. Creating thousands of broken souls into one cheering hopeful moment in time.

Sometimes I get passionate…



The air…

She hadn’t slept one wink

It had snowed all night

But now it was dawn

The morning light

Just coming up

She went out for her cigarette

The cold, crisp air

Bit her nose

You know, there’s something

About the cold

Something, that made her feel

Feel clean, again

The air, everything around her

Despite the gloominess

The air, had a sense of calmness

It brought peace

A peace

Which she rarely felt

She relished those moments

For, within her was a raging storm

Constant, wildfires

A gift and a curse

Something she carried through life

But in this moment

This one, a wave came over her

Not like the ones that would drown her

But the rare ones, the ones where she could breathe

And she took a deep breath and for a moment it was