Just look

Hidden in plain sight

You think you see me but you don’t

Everything you see is a shell, a mirage

A figment of my creation

Because if you really saw

If you really looked inside

You’d run and hide

You’d weep a million tears

You’d collapse and fall

I am not who you think I am

I am not what the world sees

Hidden away is me

Alone and afraid

I am the broken

I am the used

I am the shattered and tattered

The battered and bruised

But that is not all

No you don’t know me

Not at all

I am a lover

A dreamer

A fairytale believer

A fighter

A warrior

A creature of mythic proportions

But you don’t see that

Hidden away

From all the world

Why don’t you open your eyes

And take a look

I yearn to be an open book

Just look…



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