Your heart 

Your heart Beats within you 

Even before you 

Beautiful you 

Take your first breath 
To you 

To you, it may feel fragile 

It may feel as if it has 

broken into a million little pieces 

A thousand times over 
But your heart 

It beats 

It beats strong 

Never resting 

From that moment 

Before you are here 

Before your first breath 

Until your very last breath 
Your heart 

Though it may feel 

As if it has been torn 

Every which way 

Is still beating 

Pumping life 

Into your veins 
Your heart 

Is yours 

Follow it



Wade… my deadpool.

I never wanted fancy dinners, expensive datesI never wanted those things, materialistic things, guys use to woo women 

I never wanted any of that 
I wanted, I still want just you

The way you are, for your mind, your one track mind

For the nights you stay up with me, when I am falling apart 

For that time you asked if it was okay to hold my hand 

For the fact that you too have seen the darkness 

I want you because you are as you say, “a self proclaimed asshole with a heart of gold.”
I don’t want things 

I want to lay next to you 

Feel you 

Watch the stars with you 

Listen to your heart beat 

Tease you endlessly 

I want you not because of anything else except for who you are, because to me, you fit… 
-B. 8-10-17