I gotchu…

And just like thatI realized 

My own strength 
Not for myself 

But for you 
That if you were ever in need 

I could pick you up 

That I had your back 
And that was the first time 

The first time

That I ever felt strong for someone 

For someone else’s darkness 
And in that 

I knew 








Today, I fell I have not been the easiest 

Lately I’ve been the hardest 

I’ve fallen apart

Broken at the seems 

Beautiful you 

You are at my side 

My match 

Keep me here, keep me going 
So, against all my instincts 

Against all my fears 

I fell 


On my face 

Out of nowhere 
Despite what they have said 

Despite the distance 

Despite my fears 
I fell 

I tried not to 


Face first 

Heart beating out of my chest 

I fell 
So, here are those three words I told you I could not tell you 

Three words, I have always used lightly 

Three words, I never wanted to use, throw around, when it came to you 
But I fell 


Face first

Heart beating out my chest 
Despite everything telling me to run 

Scared to death 

Scared because I want the same things
So, here it goes 

My heart beating out of my chest 

My heart yours for the taking
I, I love you… 


My muse…

We don’t know each other You know my darkness 

You know my past 

But we don’t know each other 

Not really, not completely 

You’re just learning how crazy I really am 

And with every new quirk 

Every nutty thing I let you see 

I am inspired 

I have never had a muse before 

But every time I explain my little crazy quirks, the beauty of them, the way I see things 

The words, the emotions, the beauty… I just… I need to get it out… I need to get it all out 

So, my muse, this is to you and all the beauty that you bring forth
-B. 8-19-17

Funny faces…

You led me into your bedroom I was nervous, scared

You knew of the trauma I had incurred 

But you didn’t pressure me 

You didn’t do any of that 

You laid with me 

Talked with me 

Then, like kindred spirits 

Like the puzzle pieces we are 

In our own little world

Time stopped 

Just you and I 

And you, amazingly you, made me feel safe 

You started making funny faces 

Funny faces with those amazing blue eyes

Funny faces reminiscent of ones I too would make 

Because in that, little world, where time stopped 

It was ours

Our little, weird world…
-B. 8-18-17