Angel of death

Risk it all for love

I never thought

I could do that

Would do that

I don’t even know

Why I love you

The way I do

I’m drawn to you

In an unearthly way


Magnetic pull

I’d follow you to hell

I’d walk through the fires

And know I was safe

Because I’m by your side

I’d cross oceans

And deserts to find you

You’re my universe

The center of everything that is

And ever will be

And I know you’ll be my downfall…. my angel of death



Demons laugh

The demon took the form of a man

He sold her the fairytale she always dreamed of

She was none the wiser

You see, he was beautiful but not in the way anyone but her could see

For it was an elaborate trap

He wanted to consume her and everything that made her special

So, she fell and he snickered

As days went by, the mask slowly fell

But she had stars in her eyes

No matter how much he showed her

She kept believing in his not existent goodness

And she slowly crumbled

As darkness was taking over

But she kept trying

Because she believed that he had a heart, he must have one

It couldn’t of been a lie

Then one night, he fell to the ground and started laughing… and she knew.

She knew that even if she was to die, at least it would be by his hand

Because she had stars in her eyes…

-B. 6-5-18

I’m your daughter!

Broken Again 

By words 

Words that came so easily to you 

That slice me to pieces 
I’m your daughter 

I shouldn’t bare this 

These words should not be mine to bare

These words should not cut me to pieces 

These words should not be abusive 
I’m your daughter 

I should be loved 

I should feel safe 

I should feel like I’m enough 
I’m your daughter 

I’m not your punching bag for words 

I’m not your punching bag for what happened 

I’m not all the pain and torment inside you 
I’m your daughter 

I love you 
I’m your daughter 

Please love me 

Please guide me 

Please be proud of me 

Please keep me safe 
Because I’m your daughter

Always and forever

No matter how old I get…. 


Nasty habit…

I have this habit of thinking I owe people my life… I put them up high 

and I turn into this feeble thing. 

Like I can’t live without their love, validation or acceptance and approval.
I let them tear me down

break me, over and over 

because they love me 

in their sick and twisted way. 

Because they would never hurt me. 
I’m tired of letting the ones I love hurt me. 

I want to be free. 
I thought standing up to my father and he who must not be named was gaining my freedom 

but they were not nearly the monsters… 

the real ones were hiding in plain sight… eating away at me… 

feeding me poison 

and calling it love…