5 am

I have not slept a wink

Staring out the window

Laying in bed

Waiting for the morning light

The sun to rise

For the rays to shine through

My heart is pounding

I am exhausted

But I am awake

My mind is whirling

Where did the time go?

The birds are awake now

But no one else is

Except me and them

And there’s a calmness in that

A secret in that

Like a whisper

And I wait

For the morning sun

To shine through

To awaken the world

And brighten my room

But until then, this is our secret…



Morning light 

I’m not a morning person But the rare chance, to see the first morning light…
I dream of dancing in it 

Basking in its effervescent glow
A place where fairies and magical creatures dance and play 
The way the angel rays gently caress the surfaces of my room 

How the light bends, twists, dances with such grace 
Giving life to a new day 

Slowly, fading 

Back to the land of magical beings and beautiful things 

To be discovered, once more

If you’re lucky enough…
-B. 8-23-17