He was fire He had always been 

Just that 

So he thought 

A raging wild fire 

Filled with demons 

Filled with rage 

Bursting at any moment 
She was the ocean 

She could be calm 

And she could rage 

Like a wild storm 

She could be everything 

In between 
And he 

He loved all of her 

All her shades of blue 

All her storms 
And she 

She loved him 

Even when he was burning 

Burning brighter than the sun 
And together 

They created 

Within each other 

A balance 
For she longed 

She wished 

To show him 

That he was not just fire 

But something more beautiful 
And he 

He moved the heavens 

To show her 

That she was not 

And maybe 

Just maybe 

They were 

Each other’s