I hear the wind

Rustling through the trees

A warm spring day

The windows open

I can feel a breeze on my skin

Cool and warm

Out my window

All green

The sun is shining

But inside me

Is a darkness

An aching pain

That doesn’t relent

What once was beautiful

Is now tarnished with the darkness

I’m falling over the edge

this time I don’t think I’ll be pulled back

This time, I think it’s going to stick

-B. 6-12-18

These walls…

These walls Have all 

All of my memories 

Strewn across them

All my knick-knacks 

Photos of the dead and forgotten 

Photos of the loved 

Things I collect 
Two huge windows 

With little things I’ve collected over the years 

Let the sunlight in 

One I sit by 

Staring out 

Into the world 

Watching it go by 

As I smoke my cigarettes 
My bed 

Fit for a queen 

With a dozen pillows 

Never made 

Like a giant cloud 

Where I rest my weary head 
A homemade desk 

Never used for its purpose 

But as a nightstand 

A place for things to collect 
A kitchen table 

A beautiful table 

From the old house 

That I could not part with 

Chairs of red,green,and yellow 

A wood table, covered by white paint cracks

Hidden secrets 
An armoire 

To match that kitchen table 

With two glass doors 

For my favorite books and movies 
A dresser 

A huge dresser 

For my clothes 

Something out of beauty and the beast 

On top 

My jewelry and cameras 

All arranged beautifully 
But this room 

Is no room

These walls 

Are no walls 
This is no room 

This room Is a prison 

These are no walls

These Are bars 
Meant to lock me in 

Keep me away 

From the world 

From what I love 
I cannot grow here

I cannot be here 

I simply cannot here 


Empty words…

And just like every other before you You whisper sweet nothings into me 

You tell me about my dreams 

You swear me the world 
Then you take it away 

As easily as you said them 

They are gone

Just words 

With empty meanings 


Morning light 

I’m not a morning person But the rare chance, to see the first morning light…
I dream of dancing in it 

Basking in its effervescent glow
A place where fairies and magical creatures dance and play 
The way the angel rays gently caress the surfaces of my room 

How the light bends, twists, dances with such grace 
Giving life to a new day 

Slowly, fading 

Back to the land of magical beings and beautiful things 

To be discovered, once more

If you’re lucky enough…
-B. 8-23-17