Demons laugh

The demon took the form of a man

He sold her the fairytale she always dreamed of

She was none the wiser

You see, he was beautiful but not in the way anyone but her could see

For it was an elaborate trap

He wanted to consume her and everything that made her special

So, she fell and he snickered

As days went by, the mask slowly fell

But she had stars in her eyes

No matter how much he showed her

She kept believing in his not existent goodness

And she slowly crumbled

As darkness was taking over

But she kept trying

Because she believed that he had a heart, he must have one

It couldn’t of been a lie

Then one night, he fell to the ground and started laughing… and she knew.

She knew that even if she was to die, at least it would be by his hand

Because she had stars in her eyes…

-B. 6-5-18


Should I of stayed?

Would we have been okay then?

Look at us now

You don’t even see it

You didn’t see it

Two hellbent souls

Trying to love

But too broken to be

Now we’re here

Trying so hard to hold on

But I see what’s happening

The growing distance

This won’t last

This won’t work

This is doomed

It’s always been doomed

A Shakespearean tragedy…

-B. 6-9-18

Beautiful chaos

You’re dangerous

You’re the worst kind of amazing

You are a demon in disguise

I don’t want to let you go

I don’t know how

I can’t

You made me your fool

A doll for your rage

You tricked me

A sense of security

A false love

I am yours

I fall at your words


But how do I let you go,

When I still believe in you?

When I still believe there’s a heart in there

You’re my destruction

My fallen angel

My beautiful chaos.

-B. 6-7-18

Calling me home

I grow small


A storm wages inside

Tears roll down

I’m shaking

I need you…

To hold me, close

To take me in

Breathe life, your life


Keep me… close

Keep me…safe

Whisper hope into me

Break these chains

This anchor

Pulling me down

You’re all I need

In this, empty world

You’re all I see

In this, raging storm

You’re voice

Is all I hear

Calling me





Anger Swells Like a raging storm 

through me 

Raging fire 

In my veins 
I’m shaking 


With rage 
I have to let it out 

I don’t know how 
It tears 



Nerve ending 

Igniting them


Let it out 







I’m your daughter!

Broken Again 

By words 

Words that came so easily to you 

That slice me to pieces 
I’m your daughter 

I shouldn’t bare this 

These words should not be mine to bare

These words should not cut me to pieces 

These words should not be abusive 
I’m your daughter 

I should be loved 

I should feel safe 

I should feel like I’m enough 
I’m your daughter 

I’m not your punching bag for words 

I’m not your punching bag for what happened 

I’m not all the pain and torment inside you 
I’m your daughter 

I love you 
I’m your daughter 

Please love me 

Please guide me 

Please be proud of me 

Please keep me safe 
Because I’m your daughter

Always and forever

No matter how old I get…. 


My curse…

It’s a curse A beautifully, tragic curse 

Seeded deep 

In your mind, heart, and soul 
A tornado 

Changing its course every second

A whipping gusts of winds

Pulling you in each direction 

A roller coaster 

Of ups and downs

Lefts and rights 

Picking out of a hat 

Never knowing what you’re going to get

Never know what, how, you’ll feel 

From moment to moment 

An ever changing beast 

The world 

Black and white


This way or that way 

No in between 

They “grey” 

Such an alien, foreign concept 

Such as the world 

Love and hate 

In their purest of forms 

Split between 

Rational and irrational 

Split between life 



Always there 

Swelling at the slightest of things 
The tongue of a snake 

Sharp and quick 

Always the last word

With the sting of a thousand hornets 

With not a single drop of mercy in sight 

The bridges will burn 

A sort of kryptonite

Avoid at all costs 

Leave them before they leave you 

Because everyone always leaves 

The core 

Of all of this 


This is my curse

My beautifully 


All consuming 

Never ending