I’ve been trying to runaway since I could remember I would pack a suitcase full of underwear and crackers 

Because that’s all you really need right? 

That’s what I thought when I was a little girl 

I would take that suitcase and walk out of my house with a sense of purpose 

I would only make it to the end of our driveway 

But I made it that far right 
When I was a teenager 

I would pack a bag 

A bag full of underwear, clothes

This time no crackers 

I made it to the middle of my street 

Then my father found me 
Since then I’ve been complacent 


Loyal to my family, now that everything has fallen apart 

But I dream of running away, the same dream I’ve had since I was a little girl 

But now my dream has evolved 
I dream of leaving, running away 

To a small town 

Where no one knows me 

Becoming a small town waitress 

Start a life with someone 

Start a family 

Live a simple, happy life 
Forget the past 

Forget this life 

Forget the trauma 

Forget the abuse 

And live

Let myself have a chance 

For once…