Angel of death

Risk it all for love

I never thought

I could do that

Would do that

I don’t even know

Why I love you

The way I do

I’m drawn to you

In an unearthly way


Magnetic pull

I’d follow you to hell

I’d walk through the fires

And know I was safe

Because I’m by your side

I’d cross oceans

And deserts to find you

You’re my universe

The center of everything that is

And ever will be

And I know you’ll be my downfall…. my angel of death



Demons laugh

The demon took the form of a man

He sold her the fairytale she always dreamed of

She was none the wiser

You see, he was beautiful but not in the way anyone but her could see

For it was an elaborate trap

He wanted to consume her and everything that made her special

So, she fell and he snickered

As days went by, the mask slowly fell

But she had stars in her eyes

No matter how much he showed her

She kept believing in his not existent goodness

And she slowly crumbled

As darkness was taking over

But she kept trying

Because she believed that he had a heart, he must have one

It couldn’t of been a lie

Then one night, he fell to the ground and started laughing… and she knew.

She knew that even if she was to die, at least it would be by his hand

Because she had stars in her eyes…

-B. 6-5-18

Through the ether

Do you believe in fairytales?

She does.

Even at 28.

Not in the literal sense.


But the idea.

The idea of happy endings.

The idea of true love.

The idea of being saved.

Maybe not by some guy, but herself.

Happy with herself.

Loving herself.

Saving herself.

Then, just then

Maybe she can have those with someone

Find someone

In this wackness

As odd as her

To wander through the ether

For eternity

In their own

Crazy, weird



A different sorta fairytale.



Your words…

You’re words drip from your lips, like the dew drops on the tips of blades of freshly cut grass. 

Pulling me closer into your madness, your storm… 

and I, I have lost control.
-B. Summer 2017

The kind of love…

You could call me a hopeless romantic.A dreamer, a lover.

A believer in fairytales. 

I’ve always dreamed of a love, an unattainable kind of love.

A love, only a hopeless romantic would dream of… 

the kind of love that is…

Gut wrenching, all encompassing, rip your heart out, chivalry isn’t dead, all consuming, amazingly, tragic, heart breakingly beautiful, hopeless, passionate, love. 

The kind of love that makes you fucking crazy. 

The kind that makes you hate going to sleep because staying up is so much better. 

The kind that makes you feel a sort of electricity, a buzzing. That puts a knot in your stomach. 

That turns songs, into beautiful confessions of your love. 

That tortures and ignites the soul.
-B. 8-15-17

Would you…

Do I have your blessing? I said yes to him. 

I took that leap. 

I don’t know what’s going to happen. 

I don’t know if this is the right choice. 

I don’t know what you would say. 

Would you choose him for me? 

I wish I knew what you would say. 

I wish it was you. 

I wish it was always you. 

Because your my dream. 
-B. 8-14-17

Photo Circa 2006

Impossible dream… 

She was an impossible dreamThe moon I could never reach

And in her eyes I was lost 

And in those nights where the moon meets the ocean to dance

We would meet in my dreams, if just for a moment 

And that was okay

My impossible dream
-B. 8-9-17