I’m barely holding it together I’m hanging on by the seams 
Like an old rag doll 

Who’s had her time 

Seams coming undone 
I need you 

I need you right here 

Not in a little while 

I need you now 

Because I’m coming undone 


Wade… my deadpool.

I never wanted fancy dinners, expensive datesI never wanted those things, materialistic things, guys use to woo women 

I never wanted any of that 
I wanted, I still want just you

The way you are, for your mind, your one track mind

For the nights you stay up with me, when I am falling apart 

For that time you asked if it was okay to hold my hand 

For the fact that you too have seen the darkness 

I want you because you are as you say, “a self proclaimed asshole with a heart of gold.”
I don’t want things 

I want to lay next to you 

Feel you 

Watch the stars with you 

Listen to your heart beat 

Tease you endlessly 

I want you not because of anything else except for who you are, because to me, you fit… 
-B. 8-10-17